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PUR Bound Book   PUR Binding follows the same process as perfect binding but uses a polyurethane reactive glue instead of our standard EVA hotmelt.


Whilst binding with PUR is slightly more expensive than using an EVA hotmelt, it has the advantage of being much stronger; being able to withstand a wider range of temperatures and being able to adhere to a wider range of substrates.

It is perfect for binding digitally printed books, books or catalogues that will be subject to a lot of use, or books printed on heavy or coated stocks.


We do have certain specifications that we require if you want us to bind with PUR, so contact us and we'll be happy to help.


Please note that PUR glue has a longer drying time than EVA hotmelt and does require 24 hours after binding to reach it's full strength. We advise that books aren't handled during that time period.


Close up of PUR Bound Book